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How To Change the Reputation of an Industry

Crossfit is a phenomenon within the fitness industry and it’s literally shaping it’s future. The key I believe is the focus on building community.

I saw an article on titled, “The Insane Popularity Of CrossFit, Visualized: P90X is out, Crossfit is in, according to a visualization of trendy workout regimens over the past 10 years.

The first paragraph after the lead totally rubbed me the wrong way.

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Top 10 Films Agreed Upon by Top Hollywood Directors put out a list of top 10 films based on a directors’ poll.

I decided to compile that list into an excel spreadsheet and see which of these films all the polled directors agree upon the most.

    Raging Bull (1980, dir. Martin Scorsese) 6
    Tokyo Story (1953, dir. Yasujiro Ozu) 5
    Citizen Kane (1941, dir. Orson Welles) 4
    8 1/2 (1963, dir. Federico Fellini) 3
    Modern Times (1936, dir. Charlie Chaplin) 3
    Taxi Driver (1976, dir. Martin Scorsese) 3
    The Apartment (1960, dir. Billy Wilder) 3
    Jaws (1975, dir. Steven Spielberg) 3
    Vertigo (1958, dir. Alfred Hitchcock) 3
    The Wages of Fear (1953, dir. Henri-Georges Clouzot) 2

There you have it, the cream of the crop.

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13 Marketing Professionals to Follow

A young professional who recently started working asks,

Who are the best people to follow in the field of digital marketing and who’s books should I be reading?

Excellent question! I commend you on continuing to expand your skill sets and develop yourself. The very nature of digital marketing is that it’s a moving target.

The very things you know today will most likely be obsolete in a couple years. I’m talking in terms of technical practices. That’s why it’s important to know what the industry leaders and doing and saying.

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Social Marketing to the Business Customer

What is the objective of social media engagement in B2B (business to business)?

Social marketing in a means to building that trust. There’s different ways to go about it. It depends on the kind of business you are. The question is very broad so giving specific tactics isn’t appropriate.

However, the idea is to build trust with your target audience or the particular type of persona you’re aiming to reach out to.

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