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Yaer Products Are
Designed To Be Adjustable
At Various Directions

Explanation: The left,right,upward,downward,front and rear level of the
window sash Can be adjusted by using corresponding tools,so as to
effectively meet the needs for water tightness,air tightness and wind
pressure resistance at users’ current environment and realize the best
fit of the window sash and frame.

User-friendly Designs
In Yaer Products

Explanation:the application of the falling preventer effectively enhances the safety of
Using outward opening windows.The application of various kinds of falling preventers
Can meet almost all types of profile grooves,realizing a wider application range of products.

Diversified Varieties
Materials And Colors
Of Yaer Products

Explanation:In order to meet more unique use requirements
of users,Yaer providesdiversified materials,colors and varieties
for your selection, and offer tailored products with the aim of
providing a firm guarantee for customers to give full play to their
creativity and imagination.

The Low Carbon Environment-friendly Yaer Products Make
Contributions To Protecting The Environment For
Future Generations.

Explanation:yaer strives to protect the ecological environment.During product design,
Low carbon environment-friendly materials are used to the utmost extent,and various
Types of materials are recycled to make continuous contributions for environmental
Protection and sustainable development.
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