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Yaer Hardware Group Co., Ltd is a professional large-scale manufacturer of hardware for doors and windows, integrating development production and sales together. The products are used for aluminum alloy, PVC & UPVC, wooded window and door profile. Main products include tilt and turn window series, sliding window system, hinge series, handle series, transmission rod series, friction stay series, multi-point lock series, door lock and other door & window accessories.
Through more than 20 years' development, Yaer owns a high quality technology management team and production team, which is powerful in schedule implement. Its innovation level and production ability are always the leader of the industry. Yaer has a big share in the domestic market and exports to Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and other Asia countries. Complete varieties, modern design and excellent quality make customers have a deep impression on brand”YAER”.

Insisting on the faith of “keep innovation and make progress in stability”, Yaer introduces advanced production equipment and technology, pays full attention on the solution of the doors and windows hardware system. The company persists in developing into a modernization enterprise, which focus on the product design, product production and after-service, continually goes forward the goal of “one-stop” service.

The rapid development of 21st century, Yaer will continue to base on the technology and maintain the innovation, to provide the customers with the more excellent products and highest level of customer service. Let's explore the market together.
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