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The 117th China Import and Export Fair

Date:2019-01-14   Views:4446

Ruian Yaer Door & Window Hardware Co.,Ltd has taken part in the 117th China Import and Export Fair ( also called Canton Fair) in April 15th-19th,2015.YAER located at the brand zone 9.1 Hall (Building & Decorative Materials Hall). In the Fair, YAER displays high quality aluminum and pvc door and window accessories. Products have won lots of applause and attention from many customers. They speak highly of YAER’s brand and promotion.

YAER is a professional large-scale manufacturer of aluminum hardware for doors and windows, integrating development and production together. It was established in 1995, over 20 years experience in door and window hardware fittings, which covers more than 15000 square area. Main products include aluminum alloy tilt and turn window hardware series, PVC tilt and turn window accessories series, curtain wall fittings、crescent locks, hinges, handles, espagnolette and transmission rods, friction stay series, sliding window hardware, door lock, lock cylinder, lock body and other door and window accessories. YAER always focuses on research, development and innovation, and has continuously tried to improve product quality, introduces advanced technology, and imports advanced equipment.

YAER will continue to base on the technology and maintain the innovation, to provide the customers with the more excellent products and highest level of customer service.

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