Espresso Doesn’t Have More Caffeine

I’m amazed at the genius behind the branding of a cup of espresso.

People understand that a shot of espresso has caffeine content equivalent to that of a cup of coffee. However, a “cup” is never defined nor the quality of the beans in which it’s brewed with.

In reality a shot of espresso has the same caffeine content as a 4 ounce cup of coffee. People typically buy 8 ounces, maybe even 16 ounces of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks which may cost between $2 and $4.

A single shot of espresso on the other hand costs upwards of $3, effectively tripling or even quadrupling the seller’s profit margins.

It’s amazing the impact that repacking has on the minds of a consumer.

One thought on “Espresso Doesn’t Have More Caffeine

  1. Khidr

    I never thought of that, subhanAllaah.. Oh! I know. You know how people prefer buying Pringles because Lays chips has a lot of “air” in the bag? If you compare it, they both have the same amount of chips. Pringles just stacked their chips in a can and Lays just spreads it in a bag. It’s the way it’s packaged that tricks the minds.


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