New Header To Go Along With New Business Cards

Update: 9.29.2008

Since the new graphic header is a significantly larger (file size) I decided to make the website mobile friendly via plugin. I looked through a few options found here:

I decided on using:

If any of you have any issues accessing the content on this site via your mobile phones or PDAs, let me know.

These past few months I’ve been traveling more than usual, and I don’t see that travel slowing down. One of the perks of going different places is meeting new and interesting people. When it comes to meeting people you want to be able to exchange contact information with ease and professionalism.

I personally didn’t have a business card and I would resort to having to write my information on a peice of paper. That doesn’t reflect professionalism at all, thus I got these cards made and I’m happy with it. I figured Why not have the website design match that of the business cards? — Thus I present to you the new and improved (in my humble opinnion) header.

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